LA Robotics Club

A Los Angeles Community of Robot Designers, Builders, and Dreamers


To the Los Angeles Robotics Club, a community of Robot Designers, Builders, and Dreamers. Founded in November of 2010, our mission is promote experimentation with electronics and give our members a community to participate in and learn about the world of robotics.

We focus on projects that can be created on a tight budget with readily available parts.

Our group is about freedom of creative expression through technology and the main goals are to have fun, meet awesome people, learn new robotics skills, and do all the things your parents never let you do.

Upcoming Events

Arduino Day 2016 Intro to Arduino & Electronics Class

April 2, 2016 - 9am to 1pm
Urban Workshop, 365-A Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA

Come celebrate International Arduino Day 2016 and take our world-famous Intro to Arduino & Electronics Class. No previous experience with Arduino, computer programming, or electronics is required. Bring your Mac or Windows laptop.

CLICK HERE To reserve your Space and Starter Kit.

National Robotics Week Open Lab & Robot Build

April 2, 2016 - 2pm to 4pm
Urban Workshop, 365-A Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA

Immediately following our Intro to Arduino & Electronics class we will have our monthly Open Lab. Come meet fellow robot enthusiasts, have your questions answered, see interesting demos, play with some robotic dinosaurs, and even build an Arduino based EZ-Bot.

CLICK HERE for info on EZ-Bot kits.

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